Are there any other costs associated with my Ellevest account?

In addition to the fees for Ellevest Digital or Ellevest Premium, there may be other costs associated with your account:

  1. The FINRA fee appears as a Self Regulated Organization (aka SRO) fee on your account. When securities are sold, our custodian, Folio Investments, charges this fee and passes it along to fund its government-sanctioned regulator, FINRA. The SRO fee is now approximately $0.000022 for each dollar of securities sold ($0.22 on a $10,000 sale). Assets held in the Emergency Fund goal (and any funds invested in cash) are not subject to this fee.

  2. The Ellevest Digital or Ellevest Premium fees do not include the underlying fees charged by the ETF funds in account. These fund fees can range from 0.06% to 0.16% per year.

The Ellevest Fee does not cover additional fees charged by Folio or other entities, such as wire transfer fees and taxes, paper statement fees, bounced checks fees, margin extension fees, safekeeping fees, termination fees and early redemption penalties. The Folio Investments pricing page can be found here. Note that Ellevest clients do not pay the IRA custodial fee, or the fee for mail delivery of statements — our statements are paperless.

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