How does the ACATS process work?

What securities are Folio unable to custody in my IRA?

Folio is unable to custody securities that include proprietary or load mutual funds, money market funds, bonds, foreign securities, unit investment trusts and CD’s.

If Folio receives any money market funds, they will automatically liquidate the funds. For any other securities on this list, they will send them back to your current provider for liquidation. Please note that this will delay the transfer process, so if you have securities that Folio cannot custody, please have them liquidated prior to initiating the transfer.


Does Folio’s ACATS process accommodate partial transfers of securities?

Folio does not accommodate partial ACATS transfers. If you expect to retain securities in your existing IRA (i.e. company stock) and transfer other securities to Ellevest, the ACATS process may not be right for you. Please reach out to if you would like to make a partial transfer.


When will Folio liquidate securities from my transfer?

When your securities arrive at Folio, Ellevest will instruct Folio to sell any security that cannot be used to create an Ellevest diversified portfolio for you at market. (Typically all securities but ETF’s listed here. If you’re holding company stock or any securities that you feel requires a particular trading strategy, you should sell these securities before bringing them to Ellevest.

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